The free trial gay phone chat line where anyone other than straights can call. Call the gay chat line number to enjoy chatting with gay men.
Try calling the free trial gay chat line number and enjoy chatting with gay males and anyone who is not straight.


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TheSystem Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: February 15, 2017

Q. What exactly is "TheSystemTM"?

A. TheSystemTM is an all-inclusive LGBTQ chat line for callers who are “Anything But Straight”. Everyone you hear on TheSystemTM is a member.  You will hear greetings from men looking for men, women looking for women, bi-curious, trans-sexuals, transgender, drag queens, and everyone in between.  Voice conveys more cues about our true selves. The person speaking can give much more information about what you are trying to say.  TheSystemTM is a “no-hate zone” and everyone is welcome!


Q. What phone number do I use to call TheSystemTM  ?

A. The number for TheSystemTM is (509) 876-5000.


Q. If I’m not gay, can I call the line?

A. Yes, of course!  We have a lot of callers who consider themselves not gay.  The voice can be one of the best ways to convey sexual orientation.  Detecting sexual orientation is more accurate when hearing a voice and even more so than in-person. It is absolutely impossible in the sterile environment of a text or chat box.  Anyone can call TheSystemTM; we just ask that you be respectful of others.  TheSystemTM is a “no hate zone” and we have a zero tolerance against bullying.


Q.  Are there restrictions on who can call TheSystemTM?

A. Using our voice less, some have suggested that this causes us to be lonelier and socially isolated.  Be positive and self-affirming.  And all callers must be 18 years of age or older.  Other than that, everyone is welcome to call TheSystemTM.   We just ask that you be respectful of others.  TheSystemTM is a “no hate zone” and we have a zero tolerance against bullying.


Q. Can I talk to people in my area only?

A. TheSystemTM is a national chatline with callers from all over the country.  You just never know who you are going to meet.  Make sure to say a little bit about yourself in your greeting and who you are looking to meet.


Q. Is TheSystemTM a dating line?

A. What’s nice about TheSystemTM is you can use it for your own desires.  You can use TheSystemTM as a dating line, if you happen to meet the right person.  TheSystemTM is a great place for you to exchange messages and ideas with callers who have similar interests and to chat live.  You can share your accomplishments, share with others about your day.  TheSystemTM can be simply about phone sex.  TheSystemTM is designed to be a safe and secure environment to communicate with others.  We have created a totally anonymous and secure chat line for your enjoyment.


Q. Is TheSystemTM FREE?

A. Was Studio54 free?  No.  First time callers are given a limited access free trial.


Q. Please explain your Free Trial in more detail.

A. First time caller to TheSystemTM will receive a limited access free trial (free trial time subject to change, but currently is 60 minutes).  During the Free Trial, callers are able to send and receive Private Messages and listen to Greetings.  Live Chat is not free and is reserved for Members.


Q. When does my Free Trial actually start?

A. Your free trial begins after you record and accept your greeting and name.


Q. Can I call TheSystemTM after I’ve used my Free Trial and still listen to caller greetings?

A. No, once your free trial has expired you can no longer access TheSystemTM.  A paid membership is required.


Q. How do memberships work?

A. A paid membership to TheSystemTM gives you unlimited access, which includes sending and receiving private messages, one on one live chat, and prioritizing greetings from members in your local area.  When you purchase or renew your membership, you can call in and enjoy TheSystemTM for as long as you like, until your package expires.


For example, if you purchase a one week membership, you can enjoy TheSystemTM as much as you like for the next 7 days.  Your membership will expire one week after your purchase.


Q. Why is TheSystemTM so Inexpensive?

A. We’ve been in the business of bringing people together for over two decades and we’ve learned a lot about what people want.  On TheSystemTM we are selling a membership, NOT a block of minutes.  With a membership, you have UNLIMITED access to TheSystemTM.


Q. How do I purchase a membership?

A. From your home phone or hand held device, call TheSystemTM at (509) 876-5000.  While on The System you can purchase a number of membership options using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards and almost any prepaid debit card.  The prompts will guide you through the process.  And it is totally secure.


Q. Is TheSystemTM private?

A. Yes, very. You do not need to give out your phone number or any personal information to anyone while you are on the TheSystemTM.  No other caller will know any information about you other than what you record in your public greeting.


Q. What if I hear a greeting or receive a message from someone I know I’m not interested in?

A. You can choose which callers are of interest to!  If hear a greeting or receive a message from a caller that you don’t want to speak with, you can block them so that you don’t hear their greeting and they can’t hear yours.


Q. When I call the (509) number, will I be charged long distance?

A. That all depends on your phone service provider and your calling plan.  Check with your phone service provider for details. Most calling plans have unlimited calls to numbers within the US.


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